Salmorejo (cold tomato soup)

Hi everybody! Today’s a very hot summer day, I’ve got some tomatoes starting to be too ripe and some dry bread from last weekend…The universe wants me to prepare SALMOREJO!

What is this? Salmorejo is a traditional recipe from Córdoba, a southern province of Spain with a warm weather and where tomatoes and olives are very important crops. As all traditional recipes, there are endless versions. However, I’m bringing you today the most simple one.

I want to post the perfect-recipe so there are some steps (like straining the mashed tomatoes) that aren’s strictly necessary but give a higher quality to the final result. I LOVE SALMOREJO, it’s so refreshing and so easy, there’s always a jug of it in my fridge during the summer. That’s why my every day-recipe doesn’t include straining the tomato puree in order to save time, tiny skin bits and seeds don’t bother me. Anyway, if you go for the smooth version, here’s a recipe to use the bits that remain in the colander (always zero food wasting!): Mushroom pesto sandwich

How do you eat salmorejo? Any way you want! The final result of the recipe posted is a thick soup you should eat with a spoon. But, my personal way of having it is in a glass, pouring 3/4 of the soup and 1/4 of water, stir and drink. Try and see what you like best.

A little note about the ingredients: this is a perfect recipe to use old tomatoes (the riper the better) and dry bread leftovers (remember to cut the bread in pieces before it turns hard and dry, it will be much easier to work with it). By contrast, olive oil has to be the best extra virgin you can find, other oils won’t give the correct flavor. Last but not least, the garlic: personally, I enjoy the taste of raw garlic but I always recommend to use half clove, taste it and decide if you want to add the other half. It’s a raw recipe where you can always add more ingredients at the end, but you can’t take away what is already blended.

Enough chatting, it’s work time!



  • 1kg ripened tomatoes
  • 200g dry bread
  • 50ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 50ml water
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 tsp of salt




  • Wash the tomatoes thoroughly, chop them in big chunks and put them in the blender glass. You can use a hand or a countertop blender, it’s the same.
  • Por the puree onto a bowl (I used a pot because I don’t have a big salad bowl, but remember this recipe is raw, you don’t need a pot) through a colander, you can accelerate the process by stirring. Save the bits remaining in the colander for another dish.
  • Add the dry bread and wait 5-10 minutes for it to rehydrate.


  • Add the garlic, oil, salt, and water and blend altogether patiently (at the beginning some chunks of bread just won’t break, perseverance is the key)


  • Taste a little and add salt or garlic if needed.

Ready to go! You can serve it with olive oil drops on top and use it a starter for any summer meal. Enjoy!


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