whatsapp-image-2018-03-31-at-14-36-03-e1533327140572.jpegHi! My name is Catherine, I studied veterinary medicine in Madrid (Spain) and moved to London (England) to do a postgraduate degree in Food Safety. And, OF COURSE, I am vegan.

I realized that there isn’t enough Earth to feed all human beings if everybody had the European/American diet (loads of meat, eggs, and dairy). And there won’t be Earth at all if we continue breeding cows (the actual queens of methane production) or chopping forests in order to grow crops for animal feed.

The aim of this website is to share my favorite recipes so everybody can make a vegan meal from scratch. I try to cook as eco-friendly as possible: choosing vegetables in season, baking more than one thing at the time in the oven, not wasting water, reinventing new dishes using leftovers…(check the eco-tips in the kitchen section) Apart from the obvious lack of animal ingredients:

An average steak of 110g (4oz) has the same greenhouse effect as 6,5kg of carrots or 2 loaves of bread!!! What equals an 8km (5miles) drive in a small efficient car. How about animal products? They also take the blame as 1kg of hard cheese has the same greenhouse effect as 12 loaves of bread!!! And half dozen of eggs has the same greenhouse effect as 24 bananas!!! (for more info, check the interesting stuff section)

I haven’t forgotten about animal cruelty in livestock. I believe so much in animal welfare that my battle has become environmental because this is the only way to protect ALL living things, not just those being exploited on farms.

Hope you enjoy my blog!!🥗