Hello guys! Today I'm cooking an all-purpose sauce: Bolognese! It is a very versatile sauce that serves as a base for many dishes. I usually prepare a lot and freeze it in portions (in reusable containers, of course) for those busy days when you only have time to boil pasta and nothing else. This Italian … Continue reading Bolognese

Vegan Parmesan

Is your dish of pasta missing something? Give this super easy vegan parmesan a try. As simple as 4 ingredients and a blender! This recipe is for a full jar of parmesan. You can keep it in the fridge for up to 6 months. You can use it to season any dish you would season … Continue reading Vegan Parmesan


Hello folks! Here's the recipe that EVERYBODY loves! One of the Mexican's most famous creation! It's a perfect starter, snack, dressing... you can use it as you please for endless purposes. Its worldwide popularity has led to an incredible number of different recipes, so don't follow my recipe to the letter, feel free to add … Continue reading Guacamole