Interesting stuff

Vegan newbie? Ecologist beginner? Veg-curious? Just curious? Here’s some interesting stuff you may want to take a look at:

Calendar of seasonal products:

Documentaries and short videos:

  • Cowspiracy (1h30m): About the environmental impact of an animal-based diet (also available on Netflix). This documentary was what made me begin thinking about changing my diet towards veganism.
  • Live and let live (1h20m): A really good overview of the vegan history, main facts and points of view (animal welfare, environment, and health). It is half in English and half in German. The only free version I was able to find doesn’t have subtitles but you can find it on Netflix or purchase the documentary on their website.
  • Tristam Stuart: The beauty of ugly food (15minutes): One-third of the world’s food is wasted from plow to plate!! This is a must-see video.
  • Before the Flood (1h 35m): A documentary where Leonardo Di Caprio travels all around the world for 2 years to see the effects of climate change firsthand when he was named United Nations Messenger of Peace on Climate Change in 2016. There are some really interesting science-based facts and reflections that everyone should know, especially if you consider yourself an environmentalist. It’s also available on Netflix.