Strawberry-Almond Chia pudding

Hi, guys! What is deliciously sweet and healthy at the same time? You guessed it! CHIA PUDDING!! This is the first of, hopefully, many many chia pudding recipes I will post. The basics are pretty simple: chia seeds + plant milk or yogurt + extras. The variations will be in the extras and in the … Continue reading Strawberry-Almond Chia pudding

Mushroom pesto sandwich

Hi there! Craving for a not-spicy not-dry vegan sandwich? Me too! Today I'm bringing this mushroom pesto sandwich to care about it. As any sandwich, it's not rocket science, you can add or omit as many ingredients as you like (improvements on the ingredients list are always welcome in the comments below ☺️). I bought … Continue reading Mushroom pesto sandwich